Ten ways to make your office more feng shui

Feng shui, has existed within Chinese culture for nearly 3,000 years. The principals of feng shui are based upon bringing harmony and stability to your physical environment whilst improving your life and physical wealth.

The goal of feng shui is for an individual to become one with nature and create a positive channel of energy from the Earth. While regularly used for the arrangement of furniture in a person's home, feng shui can also be applied to an individuals working area, to help them improve their productivity and happiness.

Here, Uswitch's Joe Lewis presents the top ten dos and don'ts of office feng shui:

  1. DO hide any cables and electrical wiring. This helps to minimise mess and helps unblock any channels of positive energy.
  2. DON'T ever have your back to a door. Remember, business opportunities symbolically contact you through an opening or door, so never turn your back on one.
  3. DO sit with a large building behind you, should you find yourself near a window as this will give you the support of a mountain.
  4. DON'T ever be seated in line with the entrance or door as you face being in line with negative energy channels.
  5. DO respect all paperwork in your office. Files and documentation symbolise your history, current position, and future business opportunities.
  6. DON'T place any mirrors near your office, as this can reflect negative energy channels to visiting clients from colleagues at work who are having a bad day.
  7. DO choose a desk that is away from everyone and in a corner from the entrance of the office so you have the highest position of command.
  8. DON'T organise your office area so you are facing a long corridor, stairs, cupboards or storage facilities.
  9. DO balance light and dark colours and smooth and rough textures when treating furniture and flooring.
  10. Don't sit in front of a beam or object. However, if an object or post blocks your vision, amend this with a hanging plant.

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