5 Tips for Marketers: How to Perfect Your User's Experience

Image courtesy of: Rawpixel

Image courtesy of: Rawpixel

Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer

Come 2017, marketers who wish to capture and retain the attention of their target audience can’t afford to neglect their site’s user experience. Follow these 5 tips for marketing UX success


Getting your target audience to your website is one thing, but making them return and stay loyal to your brand is a completely different issue. People tend to return and do business with brands that make them feel appreciated, and take the time to create a positive experience for their customers.

Your user’s experience, or UX, a form of website design that is geared at improving your user’s experience while visiting your site, is essential to your marketing strategy. Follow these five tips in order to properly understand how to improve your user’s experience, and both you and your target audience will reap the benefits.


Concentrate on being social


Simply using social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is vital for your business, but it is no longer enough. While your potential audience may be on these channels, they are still looking for brands and businesses that will give them the customer care they feel they deserve.

This is where platforms like Conversocial come into the mix. This customer engagement platform is all about the #SocialFirst approach, enabling businesses to offer real-time customer service to their always-on mobile, social customers.

As a marketer, your relationship capital should be at the heart of your brand’s social media activity. Brand sentiment is what every marketer focuses on when trying to build their brand equity. Brands are happy to make their customers feel good about their service and product, but they also care about their bottom line, which is measurable with social media.

Returning a human connection to an otherwise cold and technical sphere is vital for your user’s positive experience, and for their building a positive association with your brand.


Be responsive and mobile-friendly


Now, more than ever, it is imperative that your website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate through. In fact, Google has even began penalising sites that aren’t mobile optimised. Statistics show that mobile makes up more than half of global watch time on Youtube, and apps account for 89% of mobile media time. This means your consumers prefer to do be able to look you up on your app rather than on your site.

Before you invest in opening an app for your site, make sure your website itself is mobile by using this tool.


Offer Payment in Instalments


To maximise the user experience on your website, it is essential to make the payment process easy and secure. This is especially true for your mobile-friendly site. Another good practice is to avoid pushing the consumer to create a user account as 23% of your users will abandon their cart if requested to do so.

Making your user's life easier should be your top priority, and the best way to do so is by offering them an option to pay in interest free instalments through platforms like Splitit. Such a platform is not only interest free, but does not require a credit application, and thus will likely mean your customers will purchase more on your site. The customer will not only have the option to spread their purchase price over 12 months without interest, but they will also earn the frequent flyer and other rewards and points associated with their current credit card.


Invest in your site’s design


The first thing users will see when they first hear about you is your site. That’s why investing in the way it looks is vital to your success, and to the first impression you make on your target audience. In order to make sure your site’s design is pinterest-worthy, avoid stock photos. The typical user can spot a stock photo from a mile away, and it instantly devalues your website.

Remember, stock photography can decrease trust and also stand out as generic and non-unique, attributes which unfortunately carry over to your business.

Instead of using a picture everyone is familiar with, opt for a photo of your actual team that you can use on your contact or home page. Get some more tips on how to properly use images in your site here


Focus on video rather than on textual content


Content is said to be king, but recent years have shown us that when it comes to textual content, he’s already been dethroned. Video is so big nowadays that it is set to account for nearly 70% of all consumer internet traffic in 2017.

Statistics show that videos on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% and more. Furthermore, companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users. And lest we forget the fact that video drives a whopping 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. There is no doubt about it - incorporating video into your marketing strategy is bound to improve your site’s user experience.

This is where platforms like Promo by Slidely comes into play. Promo enables small businesses to create stunning videos that will rival those of their big competitors, without

them having to worry about their budget.


Image courtesy of: Pixabay

Image courtesy of: Pixabay

When it comes to creating, a user experience your targeted audience will enjoy these aforementioned tips will definitely help you get the ball rolling. Don’t forget to show your appreciation to your loyal and returning customers, and not solely invest your time in those who enjoy complaining. Remember, a loyal customer is worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase, so treat them with care.


Since receiving her second degree in script-writing from TAU back in 2012, Nathalie Cohen-Sheffer has been busy writing full-time and as a freelancer in both English and Hebrew. She is currently working as a content marketer at Ranky. When she's not busy writing you can find her practising her yoga positions, as well as singing professionally and dubbing. Feel free to get in touch to learn more on Twitter

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