Business marketing: the options

While a good business can always rely on word of mouth to get customers, a clever marketing campaign will help you spread your word and increase custom. There are three main ways of getting your message heard. This guide will outline the three, explaining the various options and outlining their benefits.

  1. Advertising
  2. Non-media communications
  3. Public relations

1) Advertising

With more and more spaces becoming available you can now advertise almost anywhere: from the outside of cars and buses to more traditional media such as television and newspapers. Remember to target your advertising space, though - if you are a car rental company, advertising inside a taxi may not provide a very good return on investment.

  • More and more spaces are becoming available for advertising
  • Consider less traditional media such as the outside of taxis
  • Remember to target your advertising

2) Non-media communications

This is probably one of the most economical forms of advertising, and within easy reach of small businesses. Most non-media advertising goes direct to the customer, and encompasses anything from direct mail or placing an advert in a telephone directory to cold calling and the more simple word of mouth.

  • Non-media advertising is more economical
  • Goes direct to the customer
  • Can be direct mail, advertising in a phone directory, cold calling and word of mouth

3) Public relations

Employing a public relations (PR) company can be very expensive but can also yield priceless results. The idea of a PR company is to get your business into the press, whether that's newspapers, trade press, local press or on the internet. They will write press releases for you and suggest ideas to keep your message fresh. When you're looking for a PR company, consider employing one which specialises in your industry - they will already have the contacts and knowledge to help you.

  • Get your business into the press
  • The PR company will write press releases for you and suggest new ideas
  • Consider employing a specialist PR company

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