How A/B testing can improve your email marketing

A/B testing is the quickest way to revolutionise your email marketing. Through A/B testing, businesses can instantly increase their open, click through and conversion rates. If you’re not split testing your email marketing yet, it’s time to catch up!

Are your fans more likely to open an email if they see a particular word? Are they more likely to click if a hyperlink is in a different colour? Are there even certain phrases that make them hit the dreaded unsubscribe button? A/B testing is the perfect way to find out the answers to all these questions.

What is A/B testing?

A/B is a form of split testing that allows you to experiment and discover what makes your audience tick. You can send out two versions of your email to a small percentage of your subscribers, keeping everything identical, except for the section you choose to vary. It can be a subject line, colour or wording, but whatever it is will appear differently to each group.

After a period of time chosen by you, the email with the most opens or clicks will be sent to the rest of your audience. That means you can sit back and relax knowing that the most effective version of your email has gone out.

But, it’s not just about upping your open rate on one email; it’s about building an understanding of your audience for the future. Could something as simple as writing “it’s” instead of “it is” have an effect on how many people open your emails? This is your chance to find out!

A/B testing improves click through rates from emails by at least 20%. That could be huge for your business. But, more importantly, it’s probably something your competitors are already taking advantage of. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to upgrade to an email client that lets you split test your emails to find out what’s going to get your audience more involved.

How can you use it?

One great free tool you could try out is MailChimp. It does split testing really well, and is very accessible to anyone, regardless of your experience with email marketing. There are tons of other options out there but, wherever you go, make sure every email you send teaches you something new about your fans.

To make the most of our first email of 2014, we A/B tested our subject line. The two titles were, “3..2..1.. BLAST OFF” and “Make 2014 the year you launch the business of your dreams”. We were quickly reminded that our audience prefer short, snappy titles to ones with a bit more description. The open rate of the first option was 19% higher than the second and when that went out to the rest of our audience, it gave us thousands more opens.

It’s time to find out how many more opens, clicks and sales your business can generate, simply through A/B testing your emails. If you make one decision for your business today, make this one.


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