How to advertise your business on television

An average of 40 TV ads are seen every day per person in the UK, which makes it a very powerful advertising medium. With the arrival of specialist terrestrial, cable and satellite channels TV advertising has become more affordable and is able to deliver niche audiences. This guide takes you through the questions you need to ask to find out if TV advertising is for you and offers advice on how to get started:

  1. The pros and cons of TV advertising
  2. How do I get started?
  3. Getting the most from your TV advertising

1) Pros and cons

Almost every home has at least one  TV, and millions of people are exposed to TV ads every day -  a slot in Coronation Street delivers 13 million people. TV also handily reaches viewers when they're at their most attentive, and it can be a very effective brand building tool.  However, it can be expensive - you need to factor in the cost of paying for the creation of the ad as well as paying for airtime. Also, changing details on the ad can be difficult. Make sure that your target market is big enough to warrant TV - use a metric to judge.

  • Large audience who are attentive and good brand building
  • But expensive to buy as well as to make or update
  • Spend is justified - or not - by size of target audience

2) How do I get started?

You'll need help from an agency to place and create ads for TV. They can judge where best to place your ad and how to make it, based on the customer profile and brief you provide them with.  The more detailed your brief, the better results you can expect. Cost can vary dramatically depending on the sophistication of your advert, position and the campaign length - you're typically looking at a few thousand pounds upwards.

  • Use an agency
  • Provide a detailed brief
  • Expect to pay a few thousand pounds upwards, depending on campaign

3) Getting the most from your advertisement

Investigate interactive TV as a way to drive engagement.  If your business is local, look at targeting viewers regionally - ITV offers a service with 12 different regions. You can combine regions to create larger macro regions or you can drill down further to target micro regions. It pays to think about when you advertise - it's more expensive in Autumn than in July and August when viewers tend to be on holiday.

  • Consider interactive and regional options
  • It pays to choose your timing carefully

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