How to create the killer business card

They create business, help you to make friends and are a fantastic way of showing off your start-up. A business card can be one of the most important tools in an entrepreneur's box.

Your card is also a major representative of your business and its personality, so careful consideration is needed when designing yours. Our top tips should help to make it leap out from all the other cards that potential customers, investors or partners collect in their wallets and purses.

Add a QR code

QR codes (quick response codes) are barcode like squares that can be read by smartphones that link directly to text, emails, websites, phone numbers and more. The beauty of having one on your business card is it can take the recipient straight to your website without them even having to type in your url. It's the quickest way of going from saying hello to having the person mooching around your website, blog or social media profile. It also saves customers or clients time, which is likely to be a key factor when they decide whether to do business with you.

Link to your social media accounts

Of course it's important to have your email address on your business card, but include your Twitter handle or LinkedIn page details on there too. That way, someone might follow you and also be reminded of your business every time you send a tweet, plus it means it doesn't matter if they lose your card as they can just contact you through social media.

Add a picture of yourself

So many cards are exchanged at events it's hard to remember who gave you what. You can make sure that people always remember which card belongs to you by putting a photo of yourself on there. Just make sure it fits with your business' image, as it may look a bit weird having a photo of you on a night out with your friends, if you're representing a funeral directors business.

Use the whole card

Don't leave the back of the card blank. It doesn't bode well if you can't even make your business seem interesting enough to fill a small card. You can use the back of the card to show examples of what you can do. If you're a plumber show an image of a bathroom you've installed or if you're a chef put pictures of meals you've cooked on the back. It's also a way of showing what you can do for people without them even having to check your website.

Make it personal

Make your card stand out by giving them a personal touch to each event you go to. It will make it easier for people to remember who you are and where they met you. It could read,  "Hi, you met me at the tech event in Cambridge." It's just another way of helping to jog the memory of the people who took your card, as chances are they probably met tons of other people on the same day.

Make it useful

Turn your card into a handy tool that reflects your business. If you're an architect then turn the side of your card into a ruler. If you're a tour guide then make your card into a foldable map of the area you take tours in. It's little quirks like this that can make the client remember you.


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