I launched my business for £17


I had just been forced to finish another business that I'd invested a lot of money and time in when I decided to start Corporate Homes. Despite not having money or a job, I knew I didn't want to go back to work and still wanted to run a business of my own. That meant I had to find a way to market the new business with no money.

The challenge

My challenge was to find a way to create my website, brand and marketing material with a non-existent budget.

The solution

I decided to do everything in-house and make use of the Internet. I found a ready-made logo rather than paying a big fee for a graphic designer to create it. I bought one from an American firm which cost me £4.

I researched on the net and found a brilliant company, Homestead, where I could create my own website. The choice and ease of creating a professional website was fantastic. In total it cost me no more than £3.09 per month to host my website, and it was free for the first month.

I was also able to create a database on the site, using a separate online database system. My database for displaying all of the properties cost £9.99 per month.

With my logo and website created, I printed off our brochures in-house, which got us more business than I ever managed.

So I launched the business for £17.08!

Key lesson

Don't be put off by the costs of starting up your business. With a little imagination, anything is possible!

Top tip

Research anything you want to do for your business online first. Do everything yourself during the early stages of trying your idea out.

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