Jargon buster: Marketing

Add your own bits of jargon-busting down below in the comments section - the more confusing terms we can all demystify together, the better life in business will be.

Concept: idea

Ideation: coming up with ideas

Braindump: the act of throwing down all thoughts and ideas very quickly with no rationalisation or quantification - usually takes place within a brainstorm

Leverage: a hybrid of influence and effectiveness, as in: "The brand has great leverage with teenagers"

Activation: simply put, bringing to life a marketing programme - the plan is 'activated' once it's been created

Execution: how well a campaign was carried out, as in: "Have you seen their new ad? Interesting concept, abysmal execution"

Pesterpower: the harnessing of children's ability to annoy their parents into making a purchase or carry out a desired action

Below the line (BTL): advertising that encourages the consumer to respond somehow (getting into a dialogue with them) - getting them to click a link or post something back or make a call, for example - such as much direct mail, internet ads that want consumers to click on them

Above the line (ATL): advertising that delivers brand messages to the consumer that doesn't aim to start a dialogue with the consumer and is not interactive - such as billboards, TV, radio and a lot of print ads

Through the line (TTL): a mix of above the line and below the line advertising

Integrated: a mixture of all or many different types of advertising for one campaign

Experiential: a type of marketing that creates an experience (such as an event) that the customer takes part in, with the purpose of creating a stronger emotional connection with a brand

ROI: return on investment - results compared to what they cost. Can be measured in number of sales, number of website hits, number of inquiries, and so on. Decide how you're going to measure it before a campaign starts! See CPI, CPP and CPM below for examples.

CPI: cost per inquiry

CPP: cost per rating point - how much it costs to buy advertising space (in any medium) per 1% of the target audience

CPM: cost per thousand - how much it costs to buy advertising space (in any medium) per 1,000 people within the target audience

Generation X: the teenagers and people connected to music, pop and social movements between the mid 80s and mid 90s, typically born between the mid 60s and mid 70s

Generation Y: the generation dependent on digital technology, typically born in the early 80s onwards and coming of age between the mid 90s to mid 00s

Generation Z: today's kids, born from around 1995 onwards

MTV Generation: somewhere between Generation X and Generation Y

Generation O: recently coined term, short for generation Obama


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