SMS marketing

Text messaging is increasingly becoming the most popular way to reach a target audience, and with good reason: a survey has found more than 96% of text messages are opened and read, meaning your marketing is practically guaranteed to reach your customer. This guide will help you to understand more about SMS marketing.

  1. What is SMS marketing?
  2. The advantages of SMS marketing
  3. The costs

1) What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing, like email marketing, allows you to send messages to large groups of targeted customers. The messages can be up to 160 characters long, and will allow you to communicate with your customers on the move when a call isn't practical.

  • Send targeted messages
  • Messages up to 160 characters long
  • Communicate with your customers when a call isn't practical

2) The advantages of SMS marketing

Timing is all-important when it comes to marketing, and text messaging is one of the most precise ways to time your marketing: most people open their texts as soon as they receive them. It also allows you to achieve personal contact with your customers instantly, and on the move.

  • Give your marketing precise timing
  • Communicate with your customers instantly
  • Send communications on the move

3) The costs

You will need to go through a mobile agency or operator to send out bulk text messages, which will work out at roughly 10p per text, unless you buy a bulk SMS package. In addition, you may want to purchase a four- or five-digit shortcode to make your number more memorable, which will cost you a few hundred pounds per month.

  • Mobile agency or operator will send out text messages
  • You can buy bulk SMS packages for large volumes of text messages
  • A shortcode will make your number more memorable

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