Transpromo: A beginner's guide

Is the term 'transpromo' alien to you? This guide will walk you though the definition of transpromo and explain the benefits to your business. Craig Prince, director of print and mail firm Stralfors has this simple, easy-to-understand overview of transpromo:

What is transpromo?

  • Transpromo is where marketing and transactional mail meet and support each other. It's the technique of adding marketing messages to bills, statements, contracts and other 'transactional' documents that companies need to send to their customers
  • Rather than send separate transactional and marketing material, marketers now have an opportunity to combine messages onto the same document in a single envelope.
  • Typically, documents of any kind have a lot of unused white space; transpromo is where businesses use this space to include promotional advertising.

Why is it becoming so popular?

  • It's cost effective; 70% of a mailing campaign's costs are related to the actual cost of postage so there's a clear and instant cost saving by combining transactional and marketing messages.
  • Budget consolidation - marketing budgets can be incorporated within a bill or statement, turning a traditional outgoing into a possible profit generator.
  • Customers are more likely to spend time reading transactional documents than promotional messages. 95% of transactional documents are opened and read - a dream statistic.

Getting personal

  • Using your profiling data on your customers, you can use variable data in a campaign that sends tailored messages to each customer and improves response rates. The key to success sending the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Top Tips

  • Transpromo works best with cross or up-selling opportunities rather than offers. For instance, if a customer has household insurance with a bank, use the bill to put a message about content or car insurance.
  • When it comes to where to place to marketing message, discretion is key. You don't want it to look 'glitzy' as it is still an informative document.

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