Launching a camera-equipped remote-controlled helicopter in the UK


Our business started with our interest in aviation and the DraganFlyer X6, a unique remote control helicopter with aerial photography made and distributed by Canadian-based company DraganFly. We followed their business on a Technet Site and noticed their distribution was solely USA- and Canada-based.

We saw an opportunity for ourselves to get involved and open the product up to larger markets. In March 2009 we flew to Canada and were given sole distribution rights to the product to sell throughout the UK and are now selling to Europe too. We haven't looked back since.

The challenge

Making potential customers aware of the product and Air2Air throughout the UK and Europe and not the original manufacturer.

We had invested a lot in the product and knew there would be a lot of interest in it but we had to work on establishing ourselves and our Air2Air brand first to even get people to look at the product.

Another big challenge for us was actually learning to perfect our flying skills of the DraganFlyer X6 for potential demonstrations and events we were thinking of holding.

The solution

We had to enlist a number of people's services in building our brand and product awareness, for things such as marketing and PR. We also put a lot of time into researching our target audiences. approaching them through media sources and exhibitions to showcase our product. We had a great website built up. We worked hard to gain media interest through a launch we held - that helped our sales figures.

Marketing, PR and word of mouth proved very positive steps in developing our brand and driving sales to our site.

Key lesson

We strongly believe in our product but understand that it may not always be what our clients are looking for, so we strongly urge them to look around first to make sure they get the most out of their sale with us.

We also let the product speak for itself. We pride ourselves on our demonstrations and have received really positive feedback. It's not about hard selling but showing the product's true potential.

Also, when people are investing so much in a product they need to know there is a strong support team behind them if they need it. That means it's about you as a business person as well as the product.

Top tips

Make sure you have a good PR company and get a website. You can have the greatest ideas in the world but if you don't have people there to promote you and get you out in the media no one will know about you.

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