How the Brazilian Waxing Company increased sales


The Brazilian Waxing Company is a small business offering luxurious Brazilian, Hollywood and full body waxing to both men and women. Since we opened in 2007, we've enjoyed great success and seen a solid increase in bookings. However, problems with our phone system led us to scrutinise our suppliers and the technology we used. By changing our broadband and web hosting arrangements, we've revitalised the business and increased sales by 30%.

The challenge:

The majority of our bookings are either taken over the phone or online, but we began experiencing significant problems with our infrastructure when it needed to accommodate increased demand. We could often hear customers on the phone, but they couldn't hear us. However, even when our VoIP system was working, our bookings server sometimes slowed right down, making booking an appointment an extremely painful process.  Since the web and phone represent our main customer booking channels, these technology headaches were starting to have a negative impact on bookings and compromising the growth of the overall business.

The solution:

After some consultation with our telecoms provider, Fluidata, we chose an uncontended, symmetrical 2Mb/s ADSL2 + line. In addition, to minimise any downtime, they provided a secondary line so that VoIP will automatically switch over if the primary one fails, without the need for any IT configuration.

We've also moved our bookings server in-house, and we're now running all of our phone and online bookings down this line. By implementing Fluidata's VoIP, our booking process now works like a dream and we're now enjoying a phenomenal 30% increase in overall sales, 35% of which are male customers! Our business outlook is looking strong.

Key lesson:

The customer is king! We've always prided ourselves on making customer experience as comfortable, enjoyable and fun as possible, and this extends to all processes from the second you pick up the phone. If you neglect any part of this process, from people to technology, you'll lose customers.

Top tip:

Remember that customer experience begins before you have contact with customers. Making sure that your website and phone system works and is accessible may seem basic, but you should always get the basics right!

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