Wordled: Government Twitter strategy template

There's nothing more hilarious than MPs attempting to modernise, so when news of a government 'Twitter strategy template' was announced on Wednesday, it sparked a storm of derisory comments, most of which pointed out the glaring irony in the fact it takes 20 pages to explain how to send a 140-character message.

While some hinted government time might be being wasted somewhat by giving so very much time to a website on which proclaiming one's geek credentials and prefixing almost every word with 'tw' are considered the height of wit and intelligence, Smarta remained unaffected by such scepticism.

After all, 20 pages is nothing compared to the £110 magazine New Media Age is attempting to charge to attend a Twitter conference (twonference?), during which one can glean pearls of wisdom from such Twitter experts (twexperts?) as Joe White, the CEO of web design company Moonfruit whose hashtag was excluded from Twitter's trending topics list because - gasp! - it was getting too many retweets. A Twitter achievement (twachievement) indeed.

Anyway, to this week's big words:

Twitter (130 mentions)

According to Google news, the site has attracted 105,356 headlines over the past month alone, making it one of the biggest silly season space-fillers since, well, Facebook. Recent headlines include such revelations as 'Twitter hits the Wailing Wall'; 'Royal Household returns to Twitter' and the eyelid-droopingly sensational 'Kid Rock: I can't stand Twitter'. Business lesson here? If you want column inches, mention Twitter. It works like a dream every time.

Content (33 mentions)

If you tweet, it's all about the content - and the more interesting or entrepreneurial your content, the more followers you'll get. For inspiration, look no further than Botanicalls, a service which will send a tweet when your plant needs watering. US web hosting provider GoDaddy even uses Twitter for customer service, scanning the site for mentions of its service and responding personally to complaints.

Users (30 mentions)

If reports are to be believed, Twitter has more than 17 million users. In fact, usage jumped so much between March and April this year, it prompted one of the company's founders, Biz Stone, to joke: 'If this growth rate continues week over week, we'll run out of people on planet Earth to sign up by the end of the year'. It's a shame, then, that neither Stone nor co-founders Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey can quite figure out how to make any money out of the service...

See the government's Twitter strategy document or create your own Wordle.


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