How to design a business logo

Along with your name, your logo will be one of the first aspects of your business many of your customers will encounter, so you need to be sure it gives off the right first impression. This guide will help you to understand what kind of logo to go for, how to use it, and how to keep it protected.

  • Designing your logo
  • Creating a usage policy
  • Protecting your logo

Designing your logo

Your logo will form an essential part of your branding, so you want it to give off exactly the right message. If you own a traditional artisan business, a modern, funky design probably won't give off the right image - so think carefully about the brief you give your designers when you are commissioning it.

  • You logo will form an intrinsic part of your branding
  • Make sure the logo reflects your business

Creating a usage policy

Create a policy to make sure your logo isn't used out of context, and to ensure its quality isn't compromised. Stipulate the exact dimensions to make sure it isn't distorted, and always make sure it is used consistently - any variation could put off customers.

  • A usage policy will ensure your logo isn't used out of context
  • Stipulate the exact dimensions to create consistency
  • Variations could discourage customers

Protecting your logo

Just as Nike is identifiable only by its 'swoosh', your logo will come to be inextricably linked with your brand - so protecting it against theft is important. For it to qualify for trade mark protection, it needs to be distinctive and must not be misleading about the goods and services you use it for. It may be automatically protected, but consider registering it for extra protection.

  • Your logo will be an identifier of your brand
  • Logo must be distinctive and not misleading
  • The logo may be automatically protected

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