Why I chose my company name



Choosing a company name can be difficult, especially in the technology arena, where your product might be less tangible and easy to identify with than in other industries.

The challenge

How do you sum up a complicated concept so people know what your business is about?  Or do you choose to go down the route of calling your business something bizarre like Flibbledibble.com, which seems to be the trend with other internet-based companies, including successful brands like Google. Not only do Postcode Anywhere provide services and not off-the-shelf products, but its main offering can be described as "UK address management services" - not something that trips off the tongue.

The solution

The only answer for us was the no-nonsense approach. Your business name can be thought of like the top line of a news story. How would people describe your business in a few short words when they're at the pub?  What's a simple way to describe what you do?  As we provide the ubiquitous "what's your postcode" automatic address form-fillers for the web and in-house applications we decided "Postcode Anywhere" was a suitable name.

Key lesson

Although trendy names that don't say much about your company are very popular at the moment, there's always room to consider naming your business so it "does what it says on the tin."  Customers will appreciate your no-nonsense approach and it will be more immediately clear what it is you actually do!

Top tip

When deciding on a company name, think about how easy it will be for potential customers to find you on the web.  Is the domain name available?  Will it have suitable keywords in the URL?  Is it something people will search for?  If the answer to these three questions is yes, you could be onto a winner.


Words by Guy Mucklow

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