Five reasons to start a business at uni

Here are five reasons why making life at university about more than just last-minute essay writing and vodka shots for a pound can really help you out.

1. It massively ups your chance of getting a job

There are nearly 2 million university students in the UK, and all of them are finding it harder to find a decent job during this time of uncertainty and economic hardship. Being able to say you've set up your own business at university makes you stand out from the crowd, big-time. It shows motivation, independence and a desire to succeed. It demonstrates that you have the business skills employers are looking for. Because let's face it - most degrees have little relevance to the working world. Show that you understand business as well as brainy stuff, and that you have real initiative, and companies will be falling over themselves to get you on their team.

And your cv is going to look a hundred times more impressive when it says 'CEO and founder of Flipped Promotions Ltd' rather than just 'Member of Beer Soc and interested in sports'.

2. There's never a better time to fail

You need to be able to take financial risks to succeed in business. But the very nature or risk means that sometimes you're going to fail. Right now, you most likely have no mortgage or family to worry about, and you have your whole life ahead of you to build from your mistakes and try again. The risk factor only gets greater as you get older, so why wait?

3. The best access to resources

Being at university means you have thousands of students to test your idea on, conduct market research, university grants to help finance your business, free access to expensive books and market research reports at the library, and entrepreneurial societies to take advantage of. This is all invaluable stuff. And university is a fantastic place for networking. You are bound to come across friends who have parents that are entrepreneurs or a professor who knows a thing or two about running a business: you'd be mad not to at least try to take advantage of all that.

4. Become a millionaire before you're 30… or at least earn enough to buy that extra pint

Okay, we'll square with you. The chances of you becoming a multi-billionaire by the end of next term aren't all that high. But how much would an extra £50 a week help you out right now? Or a couple of hundred? Or even just a tenner? Thought so. And running your own business, you can earn that money in a way you enjoy - rather than doing weeks on end of filing in some crappy temp job you despise or collecting glasses in the grottiest pub in town.

5. Experience and enjoyment

The lessons you learn, experience you gain and enjoyment you will get from starting up and will prove the most priceless reasons of them all. Running your own business is hugely rewarding and, much of a cliché as it sounds, really does help sculpt your confidence. You'll be earning money and gaining experience doing something you actually enjoy! If nothing else, it'll help you narrow down what direction you want to go in career-wise, which is none-too-easy to decide. Plus, you'll meet interesting people along the way - some of whom will remain useful business contacts for the future.

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