How I restored faith in my record company


Bottom Shelf Founded in 2006 Bottom shelf was started to put on gigs for local acts it then expanded and working on the independent touring scene bringing in some big names at this time i was still doing my GCSE's after doing two years of putting on local events i decided to further my career in the music scene and started managing local bands and bringing up their reputation and giving them bigger and better opportunities that then lead on to working for a independent label and forming my own.

The challenge:

Maintaining the company's reputation when the artists where bringing it down. After several months of working with some artists they started to lose the interest in the music it seemed so they started not being as focused.

The solution:

In cases like that the only options are to either drop the artist or bring back their spark that they had in the first place.  I decided to stick with the act and risk losing all the reputation for a reliable and trustworthy company in the music industry. My choice to stick it out was worth it as in time we landed shows with big names like Enter Shikari and small festivals they were given £15,000 worth of studio time with a well known producer and you never get that opportunity so we grabbed it with both hands but after a couple of weeks in the studio they lost their spark again and just stopped going and started bringing down the reputation again so this time we did drop them but still help them in a non official  way.

Key lesson:

There is always an easy option and a harder one sometimes the harder one pays off and you successfully reach your goal sometimes it doesn't and then its time to take the easy option.

Top tip:

Networking is the main key to a successful company for the three simple reasons

  1. You find your potential clients
  2. You bring traffic your way
  3. You will meet people that might, in turn, become colleagues

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