How to create a domain name strategy

For a business, a domain name enables international expansion and offers new market opportunities without the need for a physical presence. The trick is making sure that you are factoring in domain names as a key part of your digital marketing strategy from the outset.

To help make the most of your domain name strategy, secondary domain name marketplace Sedo has provided a few helpful top tips below:

  1. Think like your customer
    Selecting the right name for your domain is intrinsically tied to the overall success of your online marketing. This is why success hinges on your ability to think like your customers; how do they search the web? What do they call you? Where do the discrepancies lie?

  2. Capture traffic
    It is essential your domain name helps you to capture traffic. Not only do you want valuable, searchable domain names but you should also aim to grab 'low hanging fruit', such as common mistypes of your brand name. This will help to ensure you are maximising your natural search capabilities and increasing your brand presence.

  3. Explore relevant extensions
    We all know about and .com domain extensions but it is also worth exploring other relevant extensions that might make marketing more valuable.

  4. Make sure you have the generic product terms that apply to your business
    For example, Intel owns and Nurofen owns as research has shown that over 70 per cent of web searches are for the descriptive product term rather than the branded name.

  5. Find out what people are looking and searching for
    Run a simple practical test to find the domain you want. Instead of searching a particular term through a search engine bar, type it directly into the address bar of your browser. If it's not registered, you can type it into a search engine and check the number of results. If the results are high, it shows that there's a general interest in the subject matter - and you should register the site.

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