What your business' website needs to do

A website doesn't just have to be a page with text any more - it can be a showcase of your business, complete with a video tour of your premises, podcasts, blog, shop and even a social network for your customers, if you so wish. Of course, cost will be an important factor when you come to decide what your website should do - this guide will help you to determine what your website needs to do.

  • Promote your business
  • Host an online shop
  • Identify your market

Promote your business

Your website's most important function will be to get your business' name heard by people who might otherwise never have encountered it. Simply by having a presence on the web, you are increasing your potential client base to millions. Drive traffic by advertising elsewhere, ensuring your site is search engine optimised (SEO), and encourage customers by making sure it is well designed.

  • By having an online presence, you are dramatically increasing your customer base
  • Drive traffic by advertising and ensuring your site is well SEOd
  • Encourage customers to stay by making sure your site is well designed

Host an online shop

As advances are made in internet security, online retailers are beginning to out-perform their high street competitors. Not only does selling your products online dramatically increase your potential client base, but it also cashes in on impulse buys, and means your customers have 24-hour access to your products.

  • Online retailers are beginning to out-perform their high street competitors
  • Selling online increases your potential client base
  • Customers have 24-hour access to your products

Identify your market

Services such as Google Analytics allow you to see what visitors to your website are clicking on, where they are located, and how long they spend on each page. This allows you to build a profile of the people visiting your site and target certain demographics in your marketing.

  • Services such as Google Analytics allow you to track your visitors' behaviour
  • Build up profiles of your visitors
  • Target certain demographics in your marketing

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