How to generate links for your website

Links from other websites to yours are one of the most important methods search engines use to determine where to rank your website in search results. The more links you have from other websites, the higher you are likely to be ranked. Use this guide to help you understand more about generating linkbacks.

  • Developing a link strategy
  • Using directories
  • Submitting articles
  • Using social media

Developing a link strategy

Before you start generating link, you need to develop a link strategy to help you decide which websites you want to target. Use businesses which are in the same field as you but not competitors, then write to them and suggest a link exchange, where they link to you in return for you providing a link on your site to them. Remember to be clear on which keywords you would like them to use in your link text.

  • Develop a link strategy to decide which sites you want to target
  • Target businesses in the same field as you
  • Be clear on which keywords you want them to use in your link text

Using directories

Directories are like online versions of telephone directories, linking to thousands of businesses based on criteria such as location or business type. The DMOZ Open Directory Project is the largest on the web, and is free to submit to, while the Yahoo directory costs around $299 (£213) for submission. Other sites such as Yell, Thomson Local and Daltons Business are also worth taking into consideration.

  • Directories link to thousands of businesses across the web
  • Submit your website to generate new links

Submitting articles

Content-driven websites and online newsletters often use article submission websites to gather free content for their publications. Write articles on your area of expertise, remembering to focus on your keywords and provide at least one link to your website, and submit them to the article submission site. If publishers pick them up, they will link to your website. Remember to set up a Google Alert to notify you if your piece has been picked up.

  • Content-driven sites and online newsletters use article submission websites to gather content
  • Submit keyword and link-rich articles for publishers to pick up
  • Remember to set up a Google Alert

Using social media

Social networking websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter are all great ways of generating links - set up a profile and group on each website and hey presto, the number of linkbacks to your site increase. You can use these pages to keep your customers up to date on your marketing activities as well. Wiki sites such as Wikipedia are also useful for this - create a page for your business to generate yet another link.

  • Social networking sites provide useful ways of generating links
  • Creating a profile will generate another link to your website
  • Wiki sites can also be useful for link generation

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