Shaa Wasmund and Brad Burton: Getting more from networking

Networking. It's something all entrepreneurs have to do if they want to make a success of their business. You can network online, or attend special events to try and make yourselves known in the business world. But how do you leverage all those connections you make? What do you do with the stack of business cards on your desk? Is a brief 10-minute chat at an event really enough to kick-start a useful business relationship?

Smarta's founder Shaa Wasmund joins 4Networking boss Brad Burton for a live webchat on Tuesday 3 August. Together, they'll help you learn how to get more from your networking.

Find out more about Shaa and follow her on Twitter @shaawasmund

Watch our interview with Brad Burton, check out his Smarta 100 profile and follow him on twitter @BradBurton




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