Shaa Wasmund and Brad Burton: How to win friends and influence people

Business is about relationships - the adage always rings true. But how do you form those important relationships with people you meet fleetingly at events? Where do the boundaries of professionalism and personality lie? How do you follow up after meeting people? And, crucially, how do you leverage the relationships you have?

Smarta's founder Shaa and 4Networking founder Brad are both super-networkers, known by customers and contacts alike as approachable, friendly influencers. So this Tuesday July 20 at 2:30 pm as part of their ongoing series of webchats, they'll be answering your questions live on how to win friends and influence people.

Find out more about Shaa and follow her on Twitter @shaawasmund

Watch our interview with Brad Burton, check out his Smarta 100 profile and follow him on twitter @BradBurton


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