Smarta webchat: Claire Young on apprenticeships on Thursday 17 May, 12pm

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Tune in to the Smarta webchat on apprenticeships with former runner-up in The Apprentice Claire Young. A great advocate of apprenticeships, she heads up the Young Apprentice Ambassador Network for the National Apprenticeships Service (NAS) and through her business School Speakers she has talked about this option to both young people and employers.

Joining Young will be Michele Roberts from NAS and Scott Fletcher the founder of IT company ANS Group. Fletcher employs several apprentices in his business and is able to give first-hand advice on taking on apprentices, and what benefits this has brought his business.

Last month a new grant was launched to help small employers looking to employ their first apprentices. Roberts will be able to explain how your business can benefit from the £1,500 boost and share all the details about what apprenticeships can do for your business.

Taking on an apprentice can bring many benefits to your business; in fact 81% of apprentice employers say that apprentices make their businesses more productive and 80% agree that they lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce.

If you've considered taking on apprentices in your business or would like to learn more about the options available this webchat is not to be missed. Get your questions ready and join Young, Fletcher and Roberts to find out how your business could gain from apprenticeships.

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