Smarta Webchat: Growing your business on a budget, with Elance's Kjetil Olsen

Whether you're a tiny online sock shop or a huge international wine seller, the fact is everyone in business is striving for the same thing, growth.

But in these challenge times, resourcing that growth is an equally univeral challenge. That said, there have never been so many opportunities to save money by outsourcing so many aspects of your business.

So just how do you go about deciding what can be outsourced and how do you find the right fellow small businesses to collaborate with?

Well, together with Viking, we've enlisted Vice President of European Operations for Elance, Kjetil J. Olsen, and Smarta Editor Matt Thomas to give exactly this advice.

Elance is the world's leading platform for online recruitment, which means Kjetil knows a thing or two about sourcing services cost effectively and, of course, rolling out a global company.

While Matt is a veteran in the world of start-ups, with over a decade's experience of interviewing entrepreneurs and working directly with thousands of small businesses.

So set yourself a reminder below and tune in next Friday at 3pm to have all of your questions answered.

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