Smarta Webchat: How to make the most of PR with Lynne Franks, Thursday 12pm

The advance of social media has made it so much easier for small businesses to approach customers directly through new channels such as Twitter and Facebook. But it has also made it much more complicated to make sure you have the right communications with clients and contacts. While navigating traditional and new media it is vital you ensure that your brand is not damaged.

Hiring an agency to get the message and brand out there isn't right for everyone, but PR is more subtle and more cost effective than advertising and it can bring great results.

For this week's web chat we will be joined by PR legend Lynne Franks. She started her own PR firm from her kitchen table at the age of 21. Lynne Franks PR grew to become one of the best known public relations agencies in the world, advising multi-national businesses and not-for-profit organisations across the globe. After more than 20 years in PR Franks is currently keeping busy with B.Hive her business club for women. What she doesn't know on PR isn't worth knowing.

Joining her in the discussion will be Smarta editor Matt Thomas. A veteran in the world of UK start-ups, Matt has worked with thousands of small businesses and has covered tons of PR campaigns.  Some brilliant, some disastrous. He can also provide the insight of how to ensure your campaign is well received by journalists and the press.

Drawing on their combined experience Franks and Thomas will be offering valuable advice on what PR strategy is best for your business, who you should be talking to and how you can make sure your brand is well represented by the right people.

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