Smarta webchat: Jennifer Irvine on starting your business on a budget, Thursday 5 April at 12pm

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Join us on 5 April to find out how you can get your business off the ground on a shoestring.

For those looking to start their own business, getting funding is as big an issue as it ever was. It was no different for Jennifer Irvine, the founder of healthy meal provider The Pure Package, when she started out in 2003. Short of cash, she decided against borrowing money to get started and instead set her business up for customers to pay in advance, allowing her to buy her products that way.

After launching The Pure Package from her kitchen sink, she has grown the business organically and to date she has helped thousands of clients get in shape with her nutritious meal delivery service.

Find out how she managed to grow her business with no funding, how she found the initial customers and suppliers and learn about her strategy in promoting her brand with little or no budget for marketing and advertising.

Joining Irvine for the webchat will be Smarta chief operating officer Matt Thomas. With years of experience working with small businesses and entrepreneurs, Thomas has seen failures and triumphs regardless of the finances available. He will offer his thoughts on what works and what doesn't and how you can turn your idea into reality even with little cash at your disposal.

So get your questions for Irvine and Thomas ready and tune in for this webchat to find out how you can start your business on a budget.

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This webchat is in association with


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