Smarta webchat: learn to pitch like a pro with Paul Boross, Thursday 9 August at 12pm

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Do you need detailed financial forecasts when you're pitching for invetsment? Professional slide shows for potential commercial partners? And what is the best way to introduce yourself and your business to new clients.

This Smarta webchat will explain how you can perfect your pitching skills and take your business to the next level. We'll be joined by the 'Pitch Doctor' Paul Boross, an expert in presenting, pitching and public speaking, who will share his tips on delivering the perfect pitch.

Boross has helped businesses, both big and small, to improve their communications skills and he has worked with entrepreneurs at the top of their game, including Sir Richard Branson, to improve their public speaking.

The author of The Pitching Bible: The Seven Secrets of a Successful Pitch, Boross will explain what must be included in a successful pitch, what common pitfalls to avoid - and how to avoid them - and how you should approach presenting to different people.

So whether you are facing prospective investors, new clients or you simply want to improve your pitching skills, get your questions for Paul Boross ready and tune into this Smarta webchat.

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