Smarta webchat: Will King on competing with the big brands, Thursday 14 June at 12pm

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It is hard to launch a new product and persuade shoppers to pick it off the shelves, but it is even harder when you go up against giant established brands.

King launched his male grooming brand in 1993 and has direct experience of competing with industry giants Gillette and Wilkinson Sword, so he knows all about challenging for space.

Find out how you can shape your proposition to make sure your product stands out and customers choose yours over what they would normally buy.  Discover the secret of a hugely successful challenger brand. King will be able to advise on product differentiation and marketing strategies as well as share his tips from almost 20 years in business.

Recently King launched an online cut prize razor subscription service offering customers three razor blades for £3 a month to directly challenge Gillette, reported to have increased the prize of their cartridges by 99% over the last three years. It's just another example of how King of Shaves come up with innovative solutions to customers coming back.

So get your questions together about taking on the big players in the market and tune into the Smarta webchat to find out how your business can compete for space in the market.


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