WEBCHAT: How to discover, plan and achieve your dreams

We're coming to the end of January and the determined boost which those 'new year, new start' self-made manifestos gave us are starting to wear off. But you still want to succeed in 2013, right? Then you need to work out what you really want to achieve, and understand how to get there.

That's where Shaa Wasmund comes in. She's a serial entrepreneur, the founder of Smarta, and the author of Stop Talking, Start Doing - the only book to have ever held the number one spot in the WH Smith business book charts for a whole year. And she's going to let you in on her recipes for getting what you want to out of life.

Tune in Thursday to hear advice from Shaa on how you can truly work out your goals and then plan how you're going to achieve them. This will be an open discussion, where your participation is encouraged. So come fully loaded with questions for Shaa and pitch in with your own tips too.

Click below at 12pm , Thursday 24 January to tune in.

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