Webchat: How to expand your business and capture new customers

Some entrepreneurs start their business aiming to conquer the globe. Simon Morton, founder of Eyeful Presentations, was not one of those people. But his presentations agency now has offices in six countries and customers in every continent except Antarctica. Ask Simon how he took Eyeful Presentations from his spare bedroom to international success in our webchat on 29 January.

Eyeful Presentations was a Smarta 100 winner in our Best People category. Over the years, it’s built a great team who have taken the business into new markets. Simon would say that this team has been essential to creating a business that can expand and grow, but there are tons of other reasons behind the business’ triumphs.

If you’re dreaming of expanding your business overseas or want a new way to reach untapped markets in the UK, join our webchat with your questions at the ready. Simon is the perfect person to give you firsthand experience of what it’s like to grow a great business.

We’ll kick the webchat off at 12:30pm on 29 January. Make sure you’re on this page and ready to get involved.

If you can’t join us but have something to ask Simon Morton, please leave your questions in the comments below and we’ll make sure we get the answers for you.

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