Webchat: How to use your British brand to build trust with an audience


Building a trustworthy relationship is vital for any business, but how do you use the Britishness of your brand to create a connection with potential customers?

Small businesses rely on repeat business and positive word of mouth to make sure their products fly off the shelves and into the open arms of customers. But in order to make this happen, you need to show off where you're from. 

We’re so proud of British businesses that we rewarded them their own category in our Smarta 100 awards. Trakke was one of our ‘Made in Britain’ winners and its founder, Alec Farmer, will join us for a live webchat to tell you how to build trust with your customers, starting with your website.

Trakke combine the best raw materials from across Britain and bring them together to create their outdoor lifestyle bags. From their workshop in Glasgow, they sell homegrown products across the world. Alec knows that customers at home and abroad love to buy British, so he's learnt how to build trust in a British brand from day one.

In this webchat, Alec will pass on all of Trakke's knowledge on what it takes to ensure customers trust your brand through its Britishness. With the help of this incredible Scottish brand, you'll find out how to leverage customers through your unique selling point.

Get your questions ready and tune into this webchat on Tuesday 3rd December at 12pm with Alec to find out how you can build a relationship with your customers using the great British brand you have.

This webchat is brought to you in association with agreatplacetobe.co.uk.


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