Webchat: The importance of creating a unique brand

For this webchat 'in association with agreatplacetobe.co.uk we've brought in an entrepreneur who's created something unique, Katie Mowat from Smarta 100 together with O2 winning Grannies, Inc. Katie will be on hand to pass on everything she's learned from starting a distinctive brand that was always ready to take on its competitors.

Grannies, Inc. is an online marketplace for granny-made knitwear. It's mission statement is "to be the greatest bespoke knitwear company in the world". By harnessing consumer's love of hand crafted knitwear, created by legitimate grannies, Katie has built a unique brand that inspires an advocate in every customer.

Customers love to get behind something new and support something independent. If you can show why your business is different to the big names, your business will find a devoted fan base that will rave about your products. But how do you find that unique factor? Put your questions to Katie and find out for yourself.

This webchat will inspire every small business. Whether you're looking to finalise an idea, or focus your mind on what's special about your brand if you've already started-up.

Tune into this webchat on Wednesday 10 July at 12pm with Katie to find out how to make business unforgettable.

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