Webchat with Peter Janes of shopa: how to launch a business, Thursday 18 October at 12pm

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Are you running a business and looking for ways to grow? Or are you in the process of launching your start-up and are searching for some inspiration and tips to get your idea off the ground?

Peter Janes is a Smarta 100 winner and the founder of shopa, a social technology company that enables risk-free word of mouth sales growth for independent businesses who sell products and services online. Having launched just this year Janes has already managed strike up a partnership with eBay and its companies PayPal and Magento.

Tune into our webchat, fire away any questions you have about the issues you're facing and Janes will use his own experience of running Shopa to offer his best advice.

Tune in here Thursday 18th October at 12pm:

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