A re-brand to forgetti?

Well stop the press and cry from the rooftops. Pizza Hut doesn’t just sell pizzas. It sells pasta, too. And to celebrate this most glorious and surprising fact, it’s re-branding to Pasta Hut. In fact, a whopping 4% of its sales come from pasta. No, no, wait - you didn’t misread that – 4%. Four. Yes, that’s right, one below five. Less than one twentieth. Only one in every twenty-five, in fact. Hmm… You might think, as we did here at Smarta, that this is not the most cunningest of plans. But this could take one of two paths. Because in fact, only 30 branches have adopted the new name, and it’s only on a temporary basis. So either Pizza/Pasta/Utterly Perplexed Hut will lose 96% of its customers or it’ll capitalise on the national press coverage this has generated, and gain a few. PR disaster or PR genius? Only time will tell. Can’t wait. Can’t wait for a slice of the action. (You should’ve guessed that there would be a cheesy pun in there somewhere.) (Image: Alan “Slice” Kuban at Flickr)

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