Cereal killers

Honey monster.jpgTop chefs have long known that to please the palette, you must first please the eye. So it follows that to make food less inviting, you avoid using appealing pictures.This is more or less the logic Which? has decided to spearhead for this week. The bunch of jolly funsters there have called for long-loved children’s characters such as Tony the Tiger and the Honey Monster to be removed from cereal boxes, because kids like them too much, so eat too much sugary cereal and become obese.This Which? mission follows a previous ban on licensed characters such as Shrek smiling out from the front of boxes, implemented over similar fears about childhood obesity.Which? obviously missed the Department of Health’s announcement last weekend that it’ll be emblazoning cigarette packets with gruesome images of decaying lungs, rotting teeth and dead bodies in a bid to put people off smoking.Surely Shrek and the Honey Monster – who, let’s be honest, are hardly anorexics – are the perfect way to visually demonstrate the effects of scoffing too much?You can’t help but think it would be a much better idea to just place restrictions on the sugar content of breakfast foods, or replace sugar with low-cal sweeteners.Taking all the joy out of breakfast is a sure-fire way to make kids reticent about eating it at all. Then they’ll start looking for fun in new places. Like those horror-filmesque cool-looking cigarette packs, for example.

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