Flipping handy

flip-mino[1].jpgSo, guess what, the new Flip video-recorder is here.For those of you out of the loop, Flip is a handheld camcorder about the size of a slightly out-of-date mobile. It’s easy to use, takes blog-quality video and is – as a result - the hot new fave of bloggers everywhere.It’s more or less the iPod of camcorders – stylish, straightforward and incredibly portable. Pocket-size, in fact. It’s point, shoot and upload – aimed at and perfect for YouTubers everywhere. Of course, it’s not Hollywood-quality video, but it’s good enough to post on your site.The new version is the endearingly-named Mino (like a cartoon dog with floppy ears, no? Or maybe a Pokemon). It comes with an equally endearing £119 price tag – a far cry from the usual hundreds video-cameras demand.But what do you get with Mino that you don’t get for £20 less with its four-month-old sibling, the Ultra?Well, not much on the techie side – both have 60 minutes film time, 2 GB memory, the same sized screen. But Mino’s just that little bit smaller. And lighter. And its battery is in-built and iPod-like USB-port-chargeable - rather than those fuddy-duddy old AA batteries that you need for Ultra.To cut a long story in half, Mino is the vanity choice. And, let’s be honest, when it comes to today’s gadgets, vanity is everything. What’s the point of having the latest gadge if you can’t give it a good flash?
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