Home sweet home

office.jpgHaving spent the last few months squatting in various sister companies' offices, Smarta finally made it into its new home last week, and is marking its one-week anniversary in its new office with a little celebration.We're actually feeling a bit smug about the whole thing: the move, you'll be glad to know, went swimmingly, and we are now comfortably ensconsed in our little sixth-floor paradise, known to friends as Smarta Towers.As newly-annointed office move experts, we thought we'd create a step-by-step guide to the perfect office move...

  • Keep it simpleWe managed to avoid too many cooks spoiling the broth by making sure one person was in charge of the move
  • Minimise costsThink about it carefully: do you need a professional removal company, or can you rope in some of your employees to help? Are you really going to need six spare desks?
  • Don't move in until it's readyTo minimise downtime, hold off from moving your staff until the office is absolutely ready - and that includes measures such as phones and wi-fi.
  • Stagger the moveStave off a mad rush for the best desks by staggering the move - we sent the management over first, followed by the rest of the company.
  • Stagger deliveriesEven though it's always nice to have a queue of delivery men outside your front door, it's not really conducive to productivity - so leave any non-essential deliveries until after you've settled in.

Photo by our lovely in-house photographer, Meriem.

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