Springwise words of wisdom

We at Smarta have recently discovered springwise.com, and feel it only fair to recommend it to all of you. The site picks the most innovative, forward-thinking and sometimes just plain zappy new business ideas that it has come across over the previous week, and gives quick summaries of around 20 of them (They’ve got 8,000 spotters across the globe). If you’re a real devotee, as we all are here, you can get it all digested into a handy once-a-week newsletter. My personal faves of this week’s round-up include Sarah's Smash Stack, where you pay to throw plates, glass flowers, and, hell, anything you want at a big steel wall (There’s a “corkage” fee if your bring your own) and Payless ShoeSource, who’s making green shoes for less than US $30 – very handy (or... footy...).

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