TCHO: Techno-choc

TCHO chocolate.jpegThat tingling feeling of entrepreneurial ambition can strike at any stage of your career. It always finds a way – even when you’re working in an industry that’s space years away from the market you suddenly want to get into.And when I say space years, I mean it literally. Timothy Childs was working for NASA – as an engineer for computer-vision systems for space shuttles, by the by - when he caught the bug. He hooked up with Louis Rossetto, co-founder of the tech mag Wired, and set up TCHO. It’s a chocolate company.Now, I know what you’re going to say - space equipment engineering and technology, to tastebuds, cocoa and general chocolate deliciousness. Where the dickens is the link?But as we all know, great entrepreneurs don’t let anything get in their way. They use everything to their advantage. So these technically-minded lads set up a technically-minded chocolate company.TCHO uses a six-segment flavour wheel to describe the precise flavours and characteristics of each chocolate they make –nutty, fruity, chocolatey, and so on. Every taste is scientific and exactly measured, and they provide a guide on how to taste. This is chocolate made by a technology firm.It just goes to show that whatever you’re doing and whatever you want to be doing, there’s always a way to make your experience connect with your dream. Aaaaaaahhh.So – go get ‘em tigers.(Image: Laughing Squid at Flickr)

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