A very NOVEL idea

shutterstock_20237860.jpgOo, we do love to spot a trend, particularly when it's one as delicious as this... Publishing your own book is THE thing to do this Christmas, and you heard it here first. Going to the trouble of pulling together beautiful images and copy for friends and fam is so much more special and effective than M&S socks, and is something the lucky gift-receivers will never, ever forget. (Or if they do, they're very, very mean.)There's a couple of companies doing this at the moment. Our fave is Blurb, where you can literally make any kind of book you want - whether that's an artistic portfolio, baby snaps or a cookery book of all your fave snacks. You have total control over the layout and you choose all your own images and words. And the best bit is, the books are incredible quality - exactly as if you'd bought them from a shop, no joke. I've seen them in the flesh (so to speak). Blurb also gets top points as its lovely founder, Eileen Gittins, came in for an interview with Smarta the other day - watch this space if you want to see the vid. But seriously, the books are beautiful. And start at under £15!Blurb's books are the best quality, but there are a whole host of other photo album upload book sites that are giving this trend momentum.And other strong options for great Christmas pressies (or a little self-indulgence) are personalised travel guides, where you publish the exact route you want to take, including maps, images, notes, of course book title and everything else you could want in your very own guide. Check out Dorling Kindersley. Offbeat also offer personalised travel guides, with bang-up-to-date info pulled from the web at the moment you publish.Stop waiting, start creating!(I might have to publish a poetry book with rhymes as good as that.)

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