Another Russell Brand blog

cakes.jpgSmarta was desperately trying to think of a way to work Brandgate/Sachsgate/whatever you want to call it into a blog all last week, but frankly, we'd had enough of various sources accusing the BBC of being second only to the Third Reich in evil regime stakes, and anyway, there were more important things to concentrate on – like, for example, the fact that millions of people stand to lose their homes/pensions/jobs/livelihoods.Now the storm is, for the moment, relatively settled, it's probably safe to have a look at where the BBC went wrong without any risk of commenters prattling on about license fees and immigration and the State of Things Today (someone even accused the Beeb of paying Russell Brand in secret. We kid you not).The crucial error the BBC made was, of course, the speed – or lack thereof – with which it issued a formal apology. As many a lamenting business owner can probably testify to, it’s easy to look back on a crisis and point the finger – but how ready are you for a similar crisis in your business?Although the whole sordid affair has devastated one person’s career, provided a substantial amount of comedy material for another, and given another person the opportunity to take an extended holiday, it’s a lesson for business owners.Be as prepared as possible for a crisis – and if it’s one you couldn’t have predicted, then apologise, fast. In an age where hilarious outtakes are more likely to go viral than hit Auntie’s Bloomers, word travels fast – so retractions need to be as speedy as possible.Learn from the BBC’s mistakes, and we can hopefully avoid the pages of the Mail on Sunday being filled once again with this kind of bile. Plus, as those whose careers are now on the line can bear witness to, letting things fester is much, much worse.Image by CupCake Momma on Flickr

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