Live long and prosper

startrek.jpgCredit crunch biting? Profits down? Need a quick fix to boost your cashflow? No problem – just make like Paramount and reissue a retro favourite.Star Trek (or the prequel thereof) is back – complete with Commander Christopher Pike, Scottie, Spock, and – naturally – those tight little uniforms.It’s another development in a trend we’ve seen unfolding since the beginning of the downturn. Along with the resurgence of platform shoes, the revival of various 90s TV series and, gloriously, the reinstatement of the Wispa bar; old, trusted brands are becoming a staple way to boost income for companies whose profits are being increasingly squeezed by the credit crunch.Why is this? There was an interesting piece in The Guardian in August, asking why a number of 90s supermodels, including Linda Evangalista, Christie Turlington and Claudia Schiffer have suddenly found themselves back in employment. ‘Received fashion wisdom goes that a recognisable face is the most reassuring way to persuade consumers to part with their cash in lean times,’ it explained.Simon Chambers, managing director of Storm model management, added that by using faces which have been around for a while, the subliminal message is they have lasted ages, and so will the £1,000 handbag they’re advertising.“By going straight to the stars of the supermodel era, clients are benefitting from immediate face recognition and are wisely targeting where consumer power is strongest,” he said.So if your profits are down, perhaps it’s time to scour that old magazine collection for now-defunct brands.We’ve had films, music, chocolate bars, and even fashion labels. What’s next? Might we suggest the return of Kwik Save?
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