Tell Mandelson what you want!

Peter Mandelson - World Economic Forum.jpgPoliticians really shouldn’t start sentences with ‘I know politicians always say this and do nothing, but I promise I really will...’So when Peter Mandelson ended the sincerest of sincere pledges at last night’s National Business Awards, with ‘... listen to the opinions of business owners’, he probably deserved the collective sniggering.After all, a rather chatty Mandelson had just audaciously slipped in the claim that, ‘to his surprise, the government was on track to meet its own target to cut bureaucracy by 25%.'Still, give a man a chance. Mandelson was infinitely more honest when he admitted immediate fiscal action and policy change was needed if small businesses are to drive us out of the current downturn.So let’s cut the sniggering and take him up on his offer. Mandelson wants to hear what you, business owners, need to survive and prosper. Send us your views, we’ll collate them and deliver them to our earnest business minister. Then we’ll find out what he’s done about them in three months’ time.Leave your suggestions below or email

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