What teenage girls really, really want

302001867_03731def87.jpgWhen Smarta thinks back to its career ambitions as a teenager, an image of its 13-year-old self dancing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush in its hand and the Spice Girls on the stereo starts to swim hazily into view, before we suppress it quickly by remembering our actual ambition, which was, obviously, to be a hard-nosed business journalist.Serious though our adolescent ambitions were, it’s still come as a bit of a surprise that a survey has found some 70% of teenage girls would consider starting their own business in the future.In fact, Britain’s teenagers have totally thwarted our expectations – apparently, nearly a quarter of teenage girls harbour ambitions to become a businesswoman, doctor or lawyer, compared to just 2% who plan to become a footballer’s wife.But why are so many young girls suddenly so enthused about starting their own business? Ultimo lingerie founder Michelle Mone says it’s down to an increase in role models.“Positive role models have a crucial role to play in inspiring the next generation of female entrepreneurs – women of all ages need to draw encouragement from the success of other women around the world who have achieved amazing things through sheer grit and determination.”Here’s to a new generation of the entrepreneurial sisterhood – see you at Silicon Stilettos.

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