Don't worry, be happy!

financial crisis money.jpgAccording to a new survey carried out by the British Library Business & IP Centre during Enterprise Week, business-starters and owners are on the whole still positive about business despite the recession.72% of those questioned said they were confident about their own business in the current economic climate.Which is good to hear – we at Smarta don’t want something as silly as a little financial hiccup to put off you budding business tycoons. Ok, ok, maybe trivialising the grave state of the global economy isn’t quite appropriate, but this survey just goes to show that those-in-the-know know that surviving or setting up in a downturn can only make you stronger. (See the blog post below for tips on how to do it.)After all – if you can make money now, or even just weather the storm, think how much profit you’ll be reaping when we all get spend-happy again.

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