Fish out of water

As marketing stunts go, this one ranks among the less ordinary, but that’s the beauty of it: Jay Nguyen, chief executive of ‘moment’ auction site (think a cross between eBay and Red Letter Days), has decided to adopt a radical approach to drumming up interest in his site by the chance to bid to slap him with a wet fish.Perhaps, like 40% of entrepreneurs, Nguyen is finding the economic downturn a bit of a de-motivator, or perhaps he simply likes the sensation of cold scales against his face, but the stunt, which includes travel, two nights in ‘a nice hotel’ in London, and, of course, the chance to slap a tech CEO with a wet fish on camera, is a great opportunity for the recently-launched site to stir up curiosity.Much like Glasses Direct founder Jamie Murray Wells’ sheep herding stunt, where the diminutive entrepreneur shepherded a herd of men dressed as sheep into Newcastle city centre as a protest against the way high street opticians are ‘fleecing’ their customers, Nguyen’s plan will, he hopes, get people talking about the site.The stunt will take place on December 17 – just in time for Christmas shoppers at a loss over what to buy awkward loved ones to discover the site. Smarta very much looks forward to seeing the result.

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