Worrrd. Smarta’s new favourite Twitterer is 90s hip hop Lothario MC Hammer, who has taken time out from warning people against touching this to launch a sort of YouTube for dancers, DanceJam.In an article on the BBC earlier this year, the baggy-trousered rapper was adamant he knows his technology. “There is no high-tech lingo or business strategy that you talk that is above my head. I breathe this stuff,” he insisted. It seems Hammer has had the entrepreneurial bug all along – Smarta can report the Twitter feed presents the reader with a real insight into the man behind the music, giving a voice to someone who was previously without a platform to share his experiences – untouchable, if you will. “I refuse to deny access of my experience & expertise to the people who made me. My Fans”, he proclaimed earlier today. A statement which is, if somewhat in eloquent, is nevertheless revelatory about the nature of the extraordinary generosity he feels towards his humble followers. While you’re waiting for Smarta’s launch, then, why not check out @MCHammer when you’re having a business crisis? Consider the following nuggets of Hammer wisdom – we particularly admire his creative use of “speech” marks, rhetorical questions and, of course, the bible quote:

  • "Perhaps "sales" is no longer the "measuring stick"... then "profits" decline and in that model there is no longer an attractive business ... Sales have to be a significant factor if "music" is the product. There must be profits in order to sustain the business."


  • "Did the marketing campaign convert to sales? Now you question the "art" of the artist... I question the "skills" of your marketing plan."


  • "Converting a "critic" to a "buyer" is a tough proposition... the behaviour is "give me the product" and I'll "give you my opinion"."


  • "If you cannot see yourself accomplishing your goal... it won't happen."


  • "The music industry (1.0) is dead and being reborn in 2.0 ... to get ahead and find your place as a PR or marketing person you must adjust.. the economics will reflect the reality of the current economy.. the biggest opportunity is in establishing the new "Validation" of a hit."


  • "I looked on my right hand, and beheld, but there was no man that would know me: refuge failed me; no man cared for my soul." (Psalm 142:4)"



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