Most admired

shutterstock_7982233.jpgCongrats to Baileys and Archers manufacturer Diageo, which has made it to the top of this year’s ‘Most Admired Companies’ list.The list, compiled by Management Today, is decided by peer reviews and investment analysts based on the companies’ quality of marketing, ability to attract, retain and develop talent, and their quality of goods and services.The list is a reflection of the market conditions: a piece in The Telegraph points out that while Diageo has knocked Marks and Spencer off the top spot, the banking sector has fallen 44 points, and there’s just one media company in the top 10.Some of the companies which did well in last year’s list are conspicuous by their absence at the top: not only did Woolworths drop from 216th position last year to 238, but beleaguered bank Bradford & Bingley plummeted from a respectable position at number 166 in 2007 to 235th this year.Matthew Gwyther, Management Today’s business editor, told The Telegraph the list is ‘an extremely accurate barometer of what is happening out there’ – but British business is still going strong.“While it brings more doom and gloom for many retailers and banks, and the writing is clearly on the wall for lame-duck brands such as Woolies, there is still much to admire about British companies,” he said.

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