Motivational crisis?

procrastination equation.jpgRunning your own business is hard work, and sometimes it's hard to know exaclty why you're doing it. Sometimes, you completely lack any motivation at all.So, by way of consolation, we present to you: the procrastination equation. Prof Piers Steel, a Canadian academic who's been studying the phenomenon of procrastination for over 10 years, has come to the conclusion that procrastination can be described by the above equation.If you're into your equations, U = utility, or desire to finish a task, E = expectation of success, V = value of completion, I = immediacy of the task and D = personal sensitivity to the delay.But you might find these tips on combatting motivational crises (otherwise known as acute procrastination) more useful:1. Break down your workload in terms of what you want to finish by today, tomorrow, next week, next month, etc. This makes it instantly more manageable.2. Then only focus on the target immediately at hand. Running your own business can make it seem like you have a huge mountain of work to overcome, but taking it step-by-step is very doable and far less frightening.3. Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise. Realising that a task is actually fairly urgent can go a long way to making you act on it.4. Give yourself breaks. The brain needs rest - it does clever subconscious thinking when you think it's doing nothing. Giving yourself a bit of downtime at regular intervals will help ease your stress levels, so lead to a more focused and positive attitude to the work ahead.5. Remember why you're doing it. Write out a list of the five biggest advantages of running your own business. It sounds simple, but remembering why this is better than working for someone else cheers you up enough to give you that little buzzy push to do the next bit of work.6. Join an entrepreneur's support group in your area. Being an entrepreneur is not always easy, and it can be very lonely. But sharing your problems with people in the same boat as you can help you feel more in control as well as introducing you to new ways of tackling problems.

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