Stealth tax

carpark.jpgAs if businesses haven’t had enough to deal with over the last few months, it looks like the nice people at Westminster are set to squeeze even more out of you: this time, in the form of Workplace Parking Levies (WPL).The scheme, which was first proposed as part of the Transport Act 2000, means councils will be allowed to charge for employees’ parking spaces – and it looks like rather than workers paying for their spaces, it will be businesses who foot the bill.According to a piece in The Telegraph, the scheme could cost businesses up to £350 a year per employee.The British Chambers of Commerce was scandalised by the proposal, accusing the government of imposing a ‘stealth tax’ on businesses.“The WPL is purely a means to generate more funds for councils at the expense of local companies and their ability to compete,” raged the group’s director general, David Frost.“The government must recognise the financial burden businesses are already under and rule out any possibility of councils taking up the scheme.”For a government which claims to have ‘saved’ the world small firms, the scheme doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense – especially as the Conservatives push Brown to do more for small firms during a time which could make or break British business.Image from Flickr.

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